Teachers instruct, educate and evaluate. That's their task.

One of their jobs in this context of evaluation
is the transformation of achieved points in relation to achievable points
into a system of grades, in my case the German system of grades 1 (excellent) to 6 (insufficient).

My school uses the guidelines as set forth by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK),
and I have been trying all along,
to simplify and speed up this troublesome routine of transforming one into the other.

Everybody using Microsoft Office
can make use of this Excel-spreadsheet for the transformation of points (Punkte) into grades (Noten).
You would have to substitute your grade-system, however,
at the corresponding percentages (Prozent) under the name of "Noten".

If you own a Nokia Communicator Smartphone, this spreadsheet is the thing for you.
As with the Excel-spreadsheet, however, you would have to substitute your grade-system
at the corresponding percentages (Prozent) under the name of "Noten".

For my good old Psion 5mx pro I wrote a little program named "Punkte zu Noten" (Points to Grades).
In the readme-file you can find hints concerning extraction, installation and development.

He who organizes training of housepainters in projects like me,
has to carry out an appropriate evaluation of apprentices' achievements.
This Excel-spreadsheet for the evaluation of apprentices' achievements in projects
shows where I am at the moment.

I'm looking forward to improvements and other suggestions!